Things are opening up!

For the last week and half the work has shifted from demolition to construction and things are really opening up! This is the point in the process where one minute we are saying “what have we gotten ourselves into?” to “wow, we are so glad that we did this!” Then again, who are we kidding, we have been saying this for nearly five years!

For now, we are enjoying this part of the process. Each visit shows major progress and that is exciting. It occurs to me that we have yet to share any pre-demo photos on the blog so given that much of what was on the inside is nearly or mostly gone, now seems like a good time to bring everyone up to speed! So, below are just a few shots of what we were handed with the keys! I’ll start with some before and afters on the first floor and then we’ll take you upstairs and to the second floor. Enjoy! And if you are thinking that we are crazy, well, you are right!


1st floor before…











1st floor after…


Stairwell before and after…











2nd floor before…











2nd floor after…
























Plus the new opening for a 2nd floor dormer…bigger than the previous and in a better spot!

Thanks for visiting! Check back in the coming days and we’ll hopefully have news on our solar and geothermal well plans!

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  1. 4 June 2012, 7:43 am Matthew Porter

    For designers with big hair, this place is going to be tops. You can tease it up higher and higher and you still will not touch the ceiling. Also, this big and open new space seems perfect for Big Ideas.

  2. 4 June 2012, 10:13 am Deanna Kuhlmann-Leavitt

    XO Matt!

  3. 6 June 2012, 7:42 pm Autumn

    Oh my. You have your work cut out for ya! I can’t wait to see what you do with the place. 🙂