Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Project Information

Formica Corporation’s freshly designed booth appears at KBIS with a leaner and trimmer waistline. Operating on one-third of the usual tradeshow budget meant that the booth designers had to think of another way to get vertical with Formica’s message than using truss work, lighting and rigging which can grow costly and time intensive. Enter a new design for banner stands.

These innovative stands rise 16′ above the show floor and hold 11 banners per stand, with enough room for individual banners to display branding, imagery and photography prominently. Show attendees can meander below the canopy of these banner stands while they view the new Formica colors on the floating countertops. Or they can take in the messaging and interesting forms that the stands create from across the show hall. The stand bases contain the lighting source for the banners and are wrapped in Formica 180fx and Anniversary laminate to showcase the new colors in a vertical orientation. Floors lamps positioned on the counters create additional lighting for the counters and an interesting aesthetic.