Monthly Archives: May 2012

Things are opening up!

First Floor Opened Up

For the last week and half the work has shifted from demolition to construction and things are really opening up! This is the point in the process where one minute we are saying “what have we gotten ourselves into?” to “wow, we are so glad that we did this!” Then again, who are we kidding,…Read more

Dreaming of a rain garden…

North Rain Garden Area

Today we met with the fabulous Two Sallys about 7400’s rain garden they are designing!  It will span the front width of the building and from the building face to the sidewalk. A fairly large piece of asphalt will soon be transformed into a bed that will capture channelled and diverted water from the surrounding…Read more

So what to do with all of that roof?!

Roof Option B

Yes, things are finally rolling along at 7400 Pershing and we’ve arrived at a big decision point: what to do with all of that roof? First, we know that we can’t repair the asbestos shingles that are up there now.  And second, we know that this is the most important design decision to be made…Read more

Ready. Set. Go!

I know I promised to write weekly (at a minimum) but I got ahead of myself. You see, there is this little step in the beginning called permitting and that takes a bit. A couple of days ago my dear friend Matthew Porter was checking in to see if I had posted anything lately. When…Read more