So what to do with all of that roof?!

Yes, things are finally rolling along at 7400 Pershing and we’ve arrived at a big decision point: what to do with all of that roof? First, we know that we can’t repair the asbestos shingles that are up there now. ¬†And second, we know that this is the most important design decision to be made on the building exterior. To bring you up to speed, we have narrowed the roofing material down to metal shingles. Metal shingles come in all sorts of metal types, colors, shapes and sizes. The decision about which metal we choose is mostly cost driven. The metal types include painted aluminum, tin, copper and zinc. Budget permitting, we prefer a non-painted metal. In addition to metal type and color, we are also evaluating size and shape. And that’s where you come in! No, this is NOT a design-by-commitee effort, but we would love to hear your thoughts! So, let us know…A or B! And remember, you are looking at size and shape, not color or metal variety…thanks for participating!





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