Prepping for geothermal!

We’ve been away for a couple of weeks and of course could hardly wait to get back to the building. So today, with an outside temperature of 100 degrees fahrenheit (why didn’t we stay in Colorado?!), I popped in to find two hard working, weary guys. They’ve spent their morning busting up concrete to make way for pipes that will be part of our geothermal heating and cooling system. Since the building is of two eras (soon to be three) the concrete is also from two eras. The 1920’s era slab was more forgiving but the new part (we have no idea when it was installed) is another story. When the guys left for lunch, I snapped this photo…what a mess!

We are really excited about this part of the project as it is one of the many things we are doing to create an energy efficient office space. As the exterior roof work resumes, we’ll share photos of the solar installation that will ultimately cover the top half of the south facing roof. Stay tuned!



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