Saving old doors.

About two years ago we made a trip to a local architectural salvage place. If you have not been to one of those, stop what you are doing right now and go! The treasures that you will find are unbelievable. We went in search of a few doors and fell in love with more than what we needed. In the end we settled on three gorgeous, substantial doors with a past. Two of the doors (shown below) used to live at St. Louis’ historic Union Station¬†long before it was converted into a mixed use entertainment complex. Back in the day these doors were interior doors but we have had them cleaned up, plan to patch the holes where the heavy hardware used to be and affix them into the door openings on the front of the building. The doors will be inoperable as we are relocating the “front” door to the side, and purchasing more energy efficient doors for everyday use.


The other doors that we purchased come with mystery. The salvage yard was not sure of their past but presume they came from a grand turn of the last century home lost to progress. The doors (a pair) and frame measure 115″ tall by 53″ wide and is nearly 10 inches deep. The doors themselves are over eight feet tall and are met by beautiful woodwork that supports the wood and the glass transom above. We are lucky to have these doors. ¬†They will serve as a focal point in the space separating the lobby from the kitchen.

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