The new windows are here! The new windows are here!

When I stopped by the building this evening to find that more than half of the windows at 7400 had been installed I could hear Steve Martin in my head yelling “The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!” ¬†Of course my excitement was our new windows! Somehow the windows getting installed represents an inordinate amount of progress as compared to other milestones. The HVAC guys have been toiling away weaving metal duct between rafters and floors around pipes and over and under many things, but was I excited to see their truck? And the site of the carpenter who has been framing away making drywall, electric and plumbing possible hasn’t summoned images of Steve Martin in my head either. But the windows. Ahhhh, they open, close, are brand new and perfect. Here are some quick pics…enjoy!






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