Things are moving again…

If you follow our blog or drive by our building on a regular basis you might be wondering why nothing has been happening. Remember our post “We Bought a Roof!”? Well, we finally did. A really nice zinc roof that takes a while to get. We’re told that it’s in the US now and headed our way. In preparation for the roof installation the old roofing materials must be removed, wood repaired and an under-layer laid. All of that is finally happening and we couldn’t be happier. Once the roof is air tight, the rest of the work on the inside will quickly commence. Here are a few new photos to keep you in the loop!


While they are working on the roof, they are also busy installing the balcony on the West side.

7400-balcony-in-progress 7400-balcony-floor-laying

We have been able to get a little bit of work accomplished on the inside while we wait for the roof. The painters managed to prep the beams on the second floor and get a couple of coats of paint on them. Looking good!


More to come soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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