History showed up on our doorstep today

Though I am in New York on business, I received the most exciting bit of news from Matt, our building renovation project manager. It came in the form of an email with an attached photo. Here is what we know:

“Someone stopped by the project.  He was 82 and his father-in-law owned it in the 30’s…he said he would stop by again as the project gets a little closer to being finished.  Said he might have some inside pictures?, and he worked in the building for 20+yrs.”

Hopefully he’ll stop in again, leave his name and number and bring more photos! For now, we have this little beauty to enjoy and wanted all of you to see it, too. Apparently, without a doubt, 7400 Pershing did begin as a service station, drive through and all! We’re looking forward to learning even more…like, when it stopped selling fuel and when it started being many other things. Who knows, perhaps this gentleman will be able to tell us where the neon signs in the attic came from and what they were used to promote.


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