Honk if you love zinc!

Seriously, if you happen to be driving by, honk if you love zinc! By far the biggest and most difficult decision that we have had to make on this project has been deciding what to do with the roof, and especially the roofing material (see “We bought a roof”). It enjoys the dual distinction of being the largest expense and the biggest visual expanse. So it is with much relief and a great deal of enthusiasm that we share more images documenting the installation of the zinc shingles to our steep, steep roof. It is 99% complete! In case you didn’t know, the pattern is often called “fish scale” or simply, diamond. We’re told it is a 100 year roof, and well, it should be! Be on the lookout in the coming week or two for a post showing the solar installation as that crew is the next group to strap on the safety ropes and scale this crazy roof!

IMG_5178 IMG_5203 IMG_5205 IMG_5213 IMG_5221 IMG_5246 photo

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