Home sweet home!

It’s been more than a month since our last post and I’m delighted to be sharing this update with you from my desk at 7400 Pershing.  To say that it is peaceful here is an understatement.  Our geothermal cooling is soooooo quiet (and cool!).  Our solar panels are doing their job, too. We received our first electric bill:  $1.85.  Yep, $1.85 in July in St. Louis.  Nice.  Besides sustainable state-of-the-art building systems, being out of the hustle and bustle of Clayton is also more peaceful.  I know we were not exactly in NYC, but our neighbor behind us was the county courts and that comes with all kinds of crazy.  We did move away from food and drink at our doorstep, but our friends at Kaldi’s Coffee are just a few blocks over as are dozens more restaurants that we frequent now that we have to work just a bit harder to get lunch.  Without exception we all feel that we have traded up.  And the light!  The light here is spectacular – not too much and not too little.  On sunny days the only lights we turn on are our fun, Pershing Square neon signs…just because they look fantastic lit up on our Iron Mountain walls (thanks Benjamin Moore)!  We’ve had many visitors already and with them a lot of questions about paint colors, materials, fixtures, etc.  Check back soon for a future blog post where we’ll share our resources with you.

There is still much to be done (exterior painting and landscaping, furniture, shelving, tile, etc.) but we are thrilled to have come this far. The next big Pershing project starts next week when we break ground on our rain garden…stay tuned!  For now, here are some photographs of where things stand today. Special thanks to the fabulous Gregg Goldman for the beautiful shots.  Enjoy and thank you for following us and for sharing our story with others.

New KLI-1117

New KLI-0960

New KLI-0973

New KLI-0948

New KLI-0984

New KLI-1001

New KLI-1016

New KLI-1036

New KLI-1048

New KLI-1070

New KLI-1084

Photographs courtesy of Gregg Goldman Photography

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