Rain garden install: phase 1

Wow! If only our building project moved as quickly as our rain garden. Last Thursday the asphalt pavement was cut and excavated to make room for piping and the right soil and rock mix. Fortunately the rain held off until that part was complete. Today on this gorgeous early fall day in St. Louis a the three-man crew from rain garden experts DJM Ecological Services showed up to greet several rounds of dump trucks with varying fill types. Three layers were spread: one-to-two inch rock at the base; smaller aggregate in the middle; all topped with a beautiful, rich mixture of sand and topsoil (a 60/40 mix). In between spreading rock and dirt, pipe was laid to channel rainwater from the downspouts of our massive roof. And now we wait. Rain is expected tomorrow night and that’s exactly what we need. The rain will help settle the layers in preparation for phase 2: more soil and plantings.

But wait, there’s more! Our garden designers, The Two Sallys, stopped by to check out the progress, too…smart, stylish and ever vigilant. The perfect compliment to a great day.

For now, here are some photos…enjoy!

rain garden phase 1 dig_2 dig holerockspiping_detailpipingdirt twosallys


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