Rain garden install: phase 2

Today was a great day. The landscape crew showed up early this morning to finish up what they started. Trenches were dug to make room for more piping and filtration. The gutter downspouts on both the front and back of the building have now been tied into the garden. Plants were placed under the direction of The Two Sallys, our rain garden designers. Once the layout was finalized, holes were dug and plants were planted. In a perfect world this would be spring time and we would have a plethora of native plant options. Needless to say, it’s early October and our choices are limited but fortunately we were able to get most of the species that we wanted. One exception was the Service Berry, one of the lager items. It will have to be planted in the spring when we will be able to get one that has several trunks or shoots rather than just one. The fuller base will provide a bit more screening for us as we sit in our conference room which overlooks the garden. Once the plants went in a thick layer of ¬†mulch was added to top it all off. Watering has commenced and now we wait. We wait for the plants to take hold and thrive. We hope you’ll stop on by to check it out.









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