Chill Frozen Yogurt

Project Information

Chill is a self-serve, all natural, tart based frozen yogurt shop with multiple locations in St. Louis. The owners had their business plan and concept for the store but needed a name, brand and store design for their first location, so they asked for our help. After collaborating with the owners to develop the Chill identity and brand collateral including business cards, cups and merchandise KLI knew that the shop’s design needed to reflect the freshness of the Chill product and the owners’ affinity for West Coast style and the self-serve yogurt trend. Design elements like subtle curves of the contemporary yogurt wall, furniture and lighting in contrast to more traditional details like crown molding and tailored bench seating conjure the notion that an old general store moved out and a hip, new retail concept moved in.

RECOGNITION: American Institute of Architects, St. Louis Chapter