Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Project Information

Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co. wanted to revitalize their 20-year old brand while honoring its historic roots. The first place KLI looked were the supermarket shelves where the need for competitive separation in this crowded product category is most apparent. Brands that were different, in a good way, stood out. In celebration of the company namesake Kaldi, the legendary goatherder who discovered the coffee plant, we kept the goat but refreshed its look and paired it with simple, timeless typography. Less is more in a sea of busy and this is especially true for brands with multiple lines that need to be readily understood and easily navigated.

Then, in collaboration with the client, we introduced a three color-way packaging system (blends, single origin, flavored) each with digitally printed, one-color clear stickers for multi-product labeling. This economical, easily executed and applied system allowed the colorful packaging to shine through giving us a vibrant billboard effect on the store shelves. Our savvy client also wanted to utilize uncommon print techniques to further separate their quality product from their competitors. By creating a custom pattern utilizing their iconic leaping goat, we had the subject matter to have some fun with inks and adding sparkle to the grocery environment. Finally, we worked closely with the client to develop an interiors palette that would serve as the style guide for future new and remodeled Kaldi’s coffeehouses.

In addition to the standard coffee bag, we also designed the graphics for bulk and specialty options.