Surface Mix

Project Information

SurfaceMix is a term that Kuhlmann Leavitt coined to describe and brand the entire family of Formica Group surfacing products. In celebration of the mixing, matching and juxtapositions that can be created with Formica products, we conceived and designed a campaign, comprised of a book to inspire and six brochures to educate architects and designers about Formica’s product range. The book itself is a rich exploration of texture and color, utilizing various glossy and uncoated papers and an array of printing techniques. The book is ordered into five sections, describing all the environments and ways in which Formica products are used: Live/Work, Care/Host, Play/Learn, Shop/Dine, Green/Good. The six companion brochures show the various product swatches for each product line, and the whole campaign is slipcased in a clear, recyclable polypropylene box.

RECOGNITION: Coupe Design & Image Award