Rabo AgriFinance, Inc.

Rabo AgriFinance provides financial services for agricultural producers and agribusiness in the United States. KLI crafted the branded interiors for Rabo's new US HQ.

Drawing inspiration from contemporary features of the new facility, as well as color, texture and lifestyle imagery of North American agricultural landscapes, KLI set out to create environmental graphics that would engage, inspire and educate employees and visitors alike. Each level reflects on different aspects of Rabo’s clients and their industry: the farm, the farmer, and products (food, fiber and fuel). Taking cues from Gray Design's interior finishes, a nature-inspired color palette is used throughout, changing with each level of their headquarters to add interest, differentiate the information and aid in wayfinding. Large infographics, typography-driven fact walls, photography and dimensional letters deliver in-depth content. At the center of the building footprint, and spanning three levels, the KLI-designed monumental stair sculpture ties all together.

Branded Environments
Signage & Wayfinding